bibo Loebnau - Deep Blue

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ErschienenFebruar 2014
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"The thin, red cool fiber suit fit her lithe body very snugly. Otta grabbed one of the pencil-sized charged breathing sticks and clicked it in place inside her recorder camera helmet. The hydreliox mix would last for the next five hours, even in more than 300 feet. Impatiently, she waited for the water gate to fill with seawater and open up her path outside. Breathing deeply, she checked her instruments while the water kept rising slowly all around her body.
As soon as the gate had opened wide enough, Otta turned on her scooter to drag her outside. Her bare hands felt the warmth of the ocean, but the suit kept her from sweating. The reef formed a steep slope in this area, and she glided towards it in a wide right hand bend. The digital depth meter on the inside of her visor indicated 170 feet.
Otta's gaze swept across the chalk-white wall. No sign of life, not even algae or sponges – only the bizarre skeletal shapes of dead corals. She turned around and saw the outline of the underwater laboratory disappear in the distance. Systematically, she searched the reef to her left and the sea in front for any signs of change. Her LFA sonar kept sending deep frequency clicks, but nothing seemed to move around her."

But there is something monstrous lurking for her in the deep blue …